Why Bapuji is (still) in jail?


February 25, 2014 Asharam Bapu News

https://i0.wp.com/news.worldsnap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/36853a40aed333513b11b7e1ec71dc86-e1377793338772-336x248.jpgBapuji the epitome of spirituality and the synonymous of Hindu Dharm for many the preacher of Sanatan Dharm is in jail today. Today, A great Hindu Saint is in Jail. This is just because of the malicious intentions of few groups of people who want to crush the great Sanatan Dharm beneath their feet. But it cannot be possible. Several in the past have tried and several in the present are trying but alas it will all be in vain. People will come and People will go but the Hindu religion stands erect and will remain infinitely.

Why is Bapuji in jail? There is a special law introduced POCSO( Prevention of Child against sexual offense) (it seems the law seems to have been specially drafted to victimize Bapuji). There are several people who are under the net of POCSO but they are still on their seats anchoring and bluffing. It appears that the POCSO should stand for :- People of Credibility Seriously Offended (POCSO) And various news channels who are ironically the so called voice of the people have lost their credibility and people are taking their news channels with a pinch of salt. Now this also makes one think that whether this law introduced as an Anti Hindu Law or Anti Bapuji Law? Yes, Because the first victim of this law is Sant Asaram Bapuji and the law has been made in such a way that the statement of the minor is sufficient enough to put the person behind the bars without going into the credentials of the case. There is complete evacuation of checks and balances to verify the veracity of the statement of the minor. Thus, it might be used maliciously to dent the image of any great person as the minor might be convinced to speak ill. It is a sarcastic situation in which Bapuji is in jail and for the same POCSO act where there are evident and clear proofs available behind the infamously famous news anchors but still the police is waiting to arrest them. It appears the whole system is inclined towards one angle. And the we claim that LAW is equal for all. Sighting the same statement the No one is Supreme before law , a greatly reverend Saint is arrested at 12 in the midnight not considering his age and the health status. A Saint whose mettle has been recognized by World Religious Parliament and who had represented India a century after Swami Vivekanand but our own country unfortunately is so pathetic to even provide food and the necessary health services. There is also a contrast in the POCSO law and the Adult. POCSO law considers the statement of minor(below 18 years) enough to frame a person without enquiring into the truth. 18 years has been taken as the apt age by various laws to go for Driving Licence, Bank Account, etc. and to be termed as Adult. 21 years for boys and 18 years for girls have been taken as the age to marry. That clearly shows that the laws somewhere considers the minor (below 18 years) are not mature enough or that they might engage in some act which they are unaware off. Who will vouch for the authenticity? Thus, POCSO which states that the statement of minor is enough is apparently conflicting with the very intention of the constitution. Either the lawmakers are smart enough to deliberately include this point or if they have left out this by mistake then you are not supposed to be the lawmakers. Also, It is our great country where a young Terrorist like Kasab is fed Biryani and given facilities in Jail for his anti HINDU Activity of killing people and creating terror and ironically a Saint of huge fan following who is 75 years old is suspected of his Saint Status and no minimum basic health facilities are provided. The Saint who has served the society for more than 40 years is paid off in this manner. It is a highly condemnable act of police force who are dummies or puppets following their masters blindly. There is a drastic increase in the toll of child abuses, but the government and the media seem to be taking huge interest in this case ignoring the genuine cases. This is just because they have VESTED INTEREST involved. Otherwise, everyday there are huge number of cases but why the media not showing. Why every alternate day the first page of the newspaper is hit with the news of Bapuji? It is very shameful for the media people that the word “PAID” has been prefixed before the media and some of the daily journals had to mention “NO PAID NEWS” on its first page. But as there is a saying that Action speak louder than words. Mentioning No Paid News doesn’t hit the nail when you are actually involved in paid news. Actually it is not the fault of these media houses. It is completely the fault of the regulating agency who is not able to regulate and has given huge freedom to malign or improvise the image of any person, group or company. This leads to the landing of Media Houses in a Dominating and Bargaining Position that they even resort to blackmailing.

So a question arises regarding DEMOCRACY. Are we really democratic? If Yes does it really work ?

democracy-rule by dictator

The meaning of DEMOCRACY has lost. Democracy- Of the people, For the people and By the People;

1.) The system in this country is not OF THE PEOPLE. If it would have been , it would have been a different scenario in which a bench on public demand would have been made as was in the case of Justice who was alleged of misbehaving with his apprentice. We would like to disown this system of partiality but the government has turned deaf ears to our voice. Is this Democracy.?

2.) The System is For THE PEOPLE. If it would have been , it would have tried to address the grievances of millions of followers of Bapuji. But unfortunately the government has framed law in such a manner which ignores millions of people and favors one minor, the allegations of which yet to be proven. Is this Democracy.?

3.) The System is BY THE PEOPLE:- Is it really so? If it would have been the case the truth would have been in place. But it is not by the Common People but it is by the people who have been empowered to misuse/use the law according to their terms. It is highly disheartening to learn that Asaram Bapuji is in JAIL. The Government is unable to see the millions of people unaffected by the dubious allegations placed that there has to be come credibility in the people following the great Saint. The Government is unable to take cognizance of the public welfare activities undertaken and the contribution towards social upliftment. This shows the crooked mentality of the people who are part of the government. As it is said that when the night is darkest , the dawn is nearest. Likewise the day will come when Bapuji will emerge out spotless and unaffected more refreshing and roaring like a lion to spread the message of spirituality and Contentment.

– See more at: http://asharambapunews.org/why-bapuji-is-still-in-jail/#sthash.v7oK7RIt.dpuf

Hari Om.

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